Air is the medium we work with. Research and development, planning and consulting, manufacturing and service, whatever we do, the emphasis is on innovative air technology. Venti Oelde plants and components are used for collecting, handling and filtering of air, vapors, gases, dust and airborne solids.

An enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable team, numbering 250, ensure that individual customer requirements are implemented under economically expedient aspects. The resulting solutions are innovative, efficient, cost-effective and forward-looking. They are appreciated all over the world and underline the claim to technological leadership.

As long ago as 1930 Venti Oelde was planning, developing and manufacturing in their North-Rhine-Westphalian location, Oelde. Apart from industrial fans, their manufacturing program includes dust collection and process gas cleaning plants, exhaust air treatment plants, ventilating, heating and air-conditioning plants, recycling and waste treatment plants as well as plants for surface technology.

Maintenance, servicing, inspection, repairs as well as plant upgrading, rationalization and enlargement complete the available services. Experienced specialists in a large number of outside offices and agents ensure expert support all round the world and quick contact to all business partners.


  • Industrial fans
  • Dust collection and process air cleaning plants
  • Exhaust air treatment plants
  • Ventilating, heating and air conditioning plants
  • Recycling and waste processing plants
  • Surface technology
  • Industrial fans
  • Large and special fans
  • Material transport fans
  • High-pressure fans 
  • Hot gas circulation fans 
  • Shredding fans
  • Axial-flow fans
  • Wear-proof fans
  • Explosion-proof fans
  • Impeller repairs Service
  • Dust collection and process air cleaning plants
  • Process air cleaning
  • Jet bag filter
  • Oval bag filter.
  • Round and cyclone filters.
  • Reverse air filters
  • Cartridge jet filters.
  • Cyclone separators
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Scrubbers
  • Pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Work booths
  • Exhaust air treatment plants
  • Process air cleaning
  • Collection from baths
  • Fume extraction
  • Collection of solvents
  • Collection of oil and emulsion vapours
  • Separating contaminants and recovering heat 
  • Welding fumes exhaust
  • Removal of smells
  • Ventilating, heating and air conditioning plants:
  • Ventilating and air-conditioning plants
  • Workplace air conditioning
  • Heat recovery
  • System control
  • Recycling and waste processing plants:
  • Inspection systems and sorting systems
  • Shredder systems
  • Recycling of electrical waste
  • Processing the light shredder fraction
  • Processing the heavy shredder fraction
  • Conveyor systems
  • Processing of secondary fuels
  • Waste treatment
  • Air-based separators
  • Plant control
  • Safety technology
  • Surface technology
  • Belt dryers for coating plants
  • Drying systems for printing machines
  • Dryers for special applications

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