Bedeschi S.p.A. designs and manufactures since more than hundred years machinery and plants for bricks and tiles manufacturing, bulk handling and mining equipment.

This fully integrated line of products and services is widely utilized in bricks and tiles, cement, mining, logistics and dry bulk cargo handling terminals.

The Company is based in Limena with 25.000 m manufacturing facility on a total surface of more than 50.000 m.

The actual workforce is about 130 people evenly distributed between office and workshop.

Thanks to the state of the art manufacturing facilities any workshop machining, from the very basic to the most sophisticated, can be carried out in house. This choice gives a in-depth technical knowledge of our products. Ideas and intuition of experienced engineer are translated into reality by latest 3D design technology as well as by impressive and advanced numerically controlled (NC) machining centers.

International Trade

Since the beginning Bedeschi has always focused on international markets as primary goal. In the ‘30s it was active in Central Africa, in the ’50 on the wave of the South American booming economy two branches in Venezuela and Argentina were established. Today the Group Customers are more than 85% abroad, serve by a wide technical and commercial network being able to provide immediate technical and commercial service. Milestones in the Company expansion are Bedeschi America Inc. (the Florida subsidiary serving the American market) and CTP Team in Milan (Italy) serving our customers environmental needs providing leading technology in air and gas purification.

Our specializations

Today’s capabilities are the result of more than a century of continuous experience that is still being successfully applied to the manufacturing, design installation and start-up of brick and tile factories, cement plants, the mines and quarries and the logistics of dry bulk cargo handling terminals.

Brick and tile factories

A complete range of clay processing machines, from quarry to preparation, aging storages, extrusion and tile pressing of any fired clay product. We can supply a full set of services from the simple machines to a complete “turn key” green field installations.


Primary and secondary crushing groups. intermediate storages with or without per-blending.

belt sand elevators for marl, limestone, coal, clinker, gypsum and any other raw materials specially when plastic, moist and sticky.

De-dusting and gas filtering systems.

Blade reclaimers for dry materials.

Bucket reclaimers for moist and sticky materials.

Efficient homogenization.

Mining Industry

Mobile and semi-mobile crushing groups, which are also for installation in mining tunnels.

Stacking and reclaiming systems.

Dry bulk cargo handling terminals

Ship-loaders and unloaders: stationary, mobile and on-board mounted, for bulk handling.

Bulk handling and storage systems.

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